Cannabis Extraction by Ice

After having peeled the peaks once and eliminating 10% of the total weight, use the Bubble Bags (same sieve principle but in multilayer bags). The first step is to put the plant material in the first bag and immerse it in ice water at 2 ° C for 10 minutes. Next, rest it for another 30 minutes, then remove and drain the bag containing the vegetable material. Stain the resin and place the wet resin glands on an aluminum sheet leaving them to dry for a few days. This technique extracts the last resin glands present in the vegetable matter and the obtained amount is between 2-5% of the total starting weight. Mix the products obtained by cold and dry sieving in variable quantities, which will produce a strong and flavored hashish, easily made and without added chemicals.

The mixture of the two products is also indicated for dyes, oils and kitchen without having to use the green and chlorophyll of the plant. These powders are best to use in the kitchen, because with flowers, values ​​can vary greatly from one plant to another and from the top to another due to the sun's position and many other factors. That is why I recommend people learn these two techniques: to produce concentrate concentrate extracts and to know the dosages and uses.