An overview of CBD concentrate on online offerings

CBD extracted In recent months, several companies dedicated to the production of CBD-based medicinal products or paraffinic products have been born and THC less than 0.2%. Their offering to the public concerns only galenic or food preparations without any psychoactive effect and therefore legal worldwide. All producers claim to use organic and non-genetically modified crops. Most use proprietary extraction methods, often supercritical CO2. Some have independent lab analyzes, although the constancy of the active ingredient in all product supplies and the purity guarantee remain critical points. It is important to look at the origin of the products. The forum circulated news about non-European matches containing toxic impurities.

Golyoli supplies high quality CBD cannabis oil worldwide. 20% oil in one-gram oral syringe costs 34.90 euros plus shipping costs, while the 10ml (230mg) droplet 2.3% drops 27.90 euros. Discounts are available on the basis of the quantities purchased and the delivery is done by trained and insured international mail. Delivery times in Italy range from 3 to 6 days. The concentrate is diluted with 10% organic olive oil for greater fluidity. 1 ml is indicated as a daily dose taken by sublingual or vaporizer. Also available are versions of 7% and 4% of CBD, drops, hemp seed oil in capsules and bottles enriched with cannabinoid extracts and always with THC content less than 0.2%.

Medicinal Uses for Cannabis

The CBD Gum network offers CBD based medical and cosmetic extracts from many well-qualified US producers. The products have THC below the limits of the law and are divided into categories: beverages, capsules, concentrates, foods, dyes and drops, topical creams, vaporizers, concentrated oil, terpenes infusions and pet products. The variety of the offer is tailored to the tastes of North American patients, but allows to choose between different modes of intake and concentrations of highly differentiated active ingredient.

Always in the United States, HealthyHempOil is based in Pennsylvania and is a small company that selects and distributes CBD based products. Ships worldwide a range of products similar to the CDB Gum offering. The concentrated syringe oil is produced by Herbal Renewals, which does not contain much information on the net. Other products are from Dixie Botanicals, which is well-known.

The Elixinol product site is located in the United Kingdom, which has no company information. An e-mail address is required to purchase the product. After 24 hours our e-mail had no answer.

Swiss KannaSwiss offers concentrates and other preparations such as sprays, capsules, waxes for vaporizers, of course, chocolate with CBD. One gram of oil with variable content from 7 to 18% of CBD costs about 40 euros. The 25% version costs 55 euros.

Endoca offers concentrated CBD 18% oil in syringes from 10 grams to 259 euros. Plants are grown in Scandinavia without pesticides and the extract contains, in addition to CBD, terpenes and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Close checks are made on the absence of toxins and on the amount of active substances. The company is based in Europe and the United States.

The Royal Queen Seeds seed company also offers CBD oil. It is 4% and the 10ml flask costs 35 euros with prices to scale according to the quantity. The reputation of this seed bank should guarantee the quality of the product. The concentrate is produced by Cibdol.