Cannabis Concentrate

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) is seeking to become a producer of  high-quality cannabis concentrate CBD or oil for medicinal use for Australian and international markets. 

Our company MOCA is created to be a sustainable, environmentally friendly business, focused on three key points: 

1. People 

2. Planet 

3. Profit. 

MOCA Flower of Life
As such we have chosen the ‘Flower of Life’ as a key feature of our logo. The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol which can be found in cultures throughout the world. From the beginning of time in human civilization, this symbol has been present. Sites in Egypt, Asia in many countries have relevance to this symbol is the basis for sacred geometry. 

MOCA has selected this logo as we see that in the modern era, cannabis is aligned with the flower of life as it continuously unfolds revealing its healing and therapeutic properties.  

Our Vision 

Our Vision is a world where wellness abounds and cannabis is used as a means to alleviate pain and suffering to boost health and promote wellbeing.

Our Mission

  1. To become a global leader in the development, commercialization and research of state-of the-art organic cannabinoid based therapeutic products for a variety of clinical indications. 
  2. To become a grower and supplier of unique strains of organic cannabis, and to supply established, existing and newly regulated markets.

In October of 2016, the Australian Government announced the commencement of the Narcotics Drugs Amendment Act 2016 which will give patients and doctors access to safe, reliable and legal source of cannabis for medicinal use. 

As a result of this change in legislation, businesses in Australia can now apply for a licence to cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes, to manufacture medicinal cannabis products or to conduct medicinal cannabis related research under the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme. 

Our Value proposition 

MOCA’s target audience, is a rapidly growing global market of people who seek wellness and relief from illness and an enhanced quality of life. Around the world, patients are seeking innovative emerging medical solutions to restore health and alleviate sickness. MOCA has developed a business case and is preparing to supply the Australian market with high quality, organic, sustainably grown cannabis medication. 

Our value proposition is underpinned by 4 key pillars

  1. A sustainable, innovative and high yield growth cultivation method, in partnership with Canadian producer (Green Relief).
  2. We benefit from a world class International research project with leading experts in the field which will inform MOCA’s business decisions on best practices in safety and quality.
  3. Online marketing solution to international audience via strategic partnership with Google Publisher, New Realm Media. MOCA will leverage top digital marketing assets, including OrganicMarijuana.com for online sales of product to web based audiences.
  4. Emergent organic fish market opportunities and digital marketing mechanisms. 
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